The Sky is Falling! Not!

Today’s political climate of anything can and will happen, puts people in a panic and the stock markets certainly prove that with their roller coaster ups and downs.

If a stock represents a good solid business, the latest market panic presents a great opportunity to pick up some bargains in stocks and mutual funds.  It is time to buy!

A good solid business creates value with its products or services, which are in high demand by others.  It makes a good profit which it returns to its shareholders and invests in its own growth and also in the growth of the community in which it resides.  Such a company weathers these ups and downs very well.

Between 2000 and 2050, census data suggest, the U.S. 15-to-64 age group is expected to grow 42 percent. (This is a 2010 quote from the Smithsonian). This obviously means the US economy will continue to grow, offering those good solid businesses MORE customers, for the next 34 years.  If you take a long term view to investing, there’s no need to panic about the short term ups and downs in the stock market.  Just hold tight for the ride.


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