Nothing is FREE, especially INSURANCE and INVESTMENT “PRODUCTS”!

I subscribe to a lot of financial industry emails to keep up with the latest sales tactics that some so called “financial advisors” use to separate taxpayers from their hard earned money.  In today’s inbox is this ad:


A SIMPLE PRESENTATION USING THIS OPTICAL ILLUSION (and an optical illusion is pictured) IS MAKING ADVISORS $30,000, $40,000 AND $50,000 A MONTH


Simple. This new product is easy to sell for 2 reasons:
1. It instantly doubles your client’s:
• Growth
• Income
• Safety
• All with no additional taxes
2. And you don’t have to move a single cent of their money… leave it right where it’s at (imagine making $6,000 commission without having to move a penny of your client’s portfolio)!

This new product has already been reviewed by FINRA is 100% compliant with all BD’s and Insurance companies… and is selling itself during 1-call closes (why wouldn’t it, looking at the 2 reasons above)?

If you get in front of people before your competition… this will be the easiest sale of your life.

Learn how it’s done in a 50-minute presentation by the creator of the product and presentation and get ready to be rocked. These types of opportunities only come around in the financial industry every 10 years or so… and they are dynasty makers.”


As my Dad used to say in the fishing tackle business, you first have to catch the fisherman before your lure has a chance to catch any fish.   With this kind of advertising to the financial advisors who sell you “investment” products, you will find some advisors will be looking out for their own interests first.  Someone has to pay for that $6,000 commission, and you can be certain that if you buy whatever this investment product claims to be, that $6,000 will be coming out of your pocket.   You won’t see that because it is an OPTICAL ILLUSION!

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